Welcome to bar Vesna, the bar to head to when in the vicinity of Prague, Strašnice and looking for a place to relax with a premium beer or an exclusive shot. We are probably the only place in Prague 10 where you can try the 10° and 12° Hubertus Kácov, where the 12° is always unfiltered. Our third and fourth taps are dedicated to different specials from selected (micro)breweries every week so you can be sure to try a new lager or perhaps a pale ale (Strakonic semi-dark Klostrman 13°, Golden pheasant 12°, Brevnov brewery 12°-20° etc.).

Furthermore you can choose from a wide range of shots, which include a wide range of Caribbean rums, Scottish and Irish whiskeys and many more. There are also more than five different flavours of vodka available in the offer. Stop by for a visit and see for yourself!

With a good beer also comes a healthy appetite, so we have several dishes especially suited to go down well with some fine Czech lager. Look into our menu for more details.